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What Is It?

Sedo Select is our MOST POPULAR membership, giving you a half hour appointment each month for just $150 per month. 

What Does It Include?

Laser Hair Removal


Laser Genesis

Spider Veins

Tattoo Removal

Clear Lift

Radiance Blue Peel


Upgrade Anyone?

You can apply 3 'banked' Sedo Select credits and recieve 1 Pixel. (That's a $600 value!)

2 'bankedSedo Select credits can be used for a Skin Pen ($400 value.)

What Can I Expect To Get Done In a Half Hour Appointment?

Here are a few examples: just remember you decide & you can change each month. 

  • Photofacial & Laser Hair Removal of underarms or bikini.
  • Spider Veins & Laser Hair Removal on underarms, bikini.
  • Laser Hair Removal on lower legs or full back.

(These are just a few examples and it depends on the size of the area we are treating as well as the client tolerance to the treatment. Have questions?... just give us a call!)

What If I Need More Than a 30 Minute Laser Appointment?

That's easy... just pay $150 for an extra 30 minutes of laser time whenever you need it.

I'm Busy. What If I Miss a Month of Laser Time?

We understand and we allow you to 'bank' your  Sedo Select credits to use at a later time. 

What Is The Cost?

It is just $150 per month and we ask for a 12 month commitment. As long as you meet your 12 month  commitment there is no cancellation fee, however if you choose to cancel before your commitment is up you will be charge a $300 cancellation fee.