Why Aquagold?

Aquagold is a microneedling treatment that uses tiny 24 karat gold needles to apply Botox, filler, and hyaluronic acid just below the skin’s surface for long lasting results.

The Aquagold facial device will target fine lines and wrinkles, smooths crow’s feet, refines pores, target pigmentation, acne scarring, dryness, tone, and texture. It also boosts hydration and luminosity for a glow that lasts up to 2-3 months. The treatment works on the full face, neck, around the eyes, eyelids, and up to the lash line, on and around the lips, back of hands and décolleté.

Aquagold treatments can be part of your monthly skin care routine or as a pre- event skin prep. The micro-infusion treatment could be carried out 1 week to a couple of days before the event


Aquagold Preparation

  • Avoid the following products/procedures THREE DAYS prior to treatment:
    •  Topical prescriptions including but not limited to Retin-A, Tretinoin, Differin, Tazorac
    •  Abrasive scrubs or other exfoliating products
  • Area to be treated must be clean and free of any lotion, makeup, and sunscreen. These must be completely washed off prior to treatment.
  • You may not receive this treatment if pregnant/nursing.
  • Topical numbing cream should be applied 30 minutes prior to your appointment time.

Aquagold Post Care

  • A sunburn-like effect immediately post-treatment is normal. The treated area may appear pink in color, but will resolve in 1-2 hours. The skin may feel tight, dry, swollen and sensitive to the touch.
  • Swelling, redness, firmness, itching, and tenderness may be present for up to two weeks. Use ice packs as needed.
  • Do not wash your face for the first 6 hours. Wash the treated area gently with a gentle cleanser and you may apply moisturizer (which does not contain “anti-aging” ingredients) thereafter. You may resume your normal daily skin routine the day after treatment.
  • It is recommended that makeup not be applied for at least 6 hours post procedure.
  • No facials for 5 days after treatment.
  • No exercise that causes sweating, Jacuzzi, sauna, or steam baths if any skin irritation exists.
  • Tylenol (Acetaminophen) may be used as directed on bottle for any discomfort after injection.
  • The use of Arnica Montana (Available at Sedo Laser) may help with bruising. Follow instructions on bottle.
  • Avoid any type of vaccinations for 4 weeks, pre or post derma filler injections.
  • Results may be immediate, but its best effects are seen within 7 days.
  • For best results and efficacy, maintenance treatments are recommended every 3-4 months.