Sedo Select + Pricing

We created Sedo Select so that you can consistently treat your skin and reach your skincare goals at an incredible value. We believe there is no other membership in our industry that even compares. For just $150 a month you will receive a half hour appointment each month. You’ll have access to our laser services, treatment services and body contouring. Upon signing a new contract with Sedo, you earn a rewards card with rewards and flexibility options.

We understand that life gets busy and you may not make it in to see us every month, but no worries, your Sedo Select credits never expire, they can be banked for later use, and can be combined for upgraded purposes.


Treatments below can be combined in one half hour Sedo Select appointment:

• Laser Hair Removal
• Tattoo Removal
• Pigmented Lesions / Cherry Angiomas
• Vein Removal Treatment
• Tight & Bright
• Clearlift
• Dermaplane
• Microdermabrasion
• Jelly Masks