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What Is It?

Sedo Select is our MOST POPULAR membership, giving you a half hour laser appointment each month for just $125 per month. 

What Does It Include?

Laser Hair Removal


Laser Genesis

Spider Veins

Tattoo Removal

Clear Lift

Radiance Blue Peel


Upgrade Anyone?

You can apply 3 'banked' Sedo Select credits and recieve 1 Pixel. (That's a $500 value!)

2 'bankedSedo Select credits can be used for a Skin Pen ($350 value.)

What Can I Expect To Get Done In a Half Hour Appointment?

Here are a few examples: just remember you decide & you can change each month. 

  • Photofacial & Laser Hair Removal of underarms or bikini.
  • Spider Veins & Laser Hair Removal on underarms, bikini.
  • Laser Hair Removal on lower legs or full back.

(These are just a few examples and it depends on the size of the area we are treating as well as the client tolerance to the treatment. Have questions?... just give us a call!)

What If I Need More Than a 30 Minute Laser Appointment?

That's easy... just pay $125 for an extra 30 minutes of laser time whenever you need it.

I'm Busy. What If I Miss a Month of Laser Time?

We understand and we allow you to 'bank' your Sedo Select credits to use at a later time. 

What Is The Cost?

It is just $125 per month and we ask for a 1 year commitment. Should you decide to cancel before 1 year, there is a $200 cancellation fee.